The ARCA ECOTROL® globe control valve is flexible, requires little maintenance and is used as an all-rounder in many processes and industries.

The modular system consisting of valve body and sealing, trim, valve seat, stem seal, valve actuator and positioner offers a tailor-made and therefore ideal control solution for your process.

The ECOTROL® system series controls steam, gas and oil as well as other liquid states and is therefore universally usable.

Various innovative design elements and a trim designed for the flow conditions guarantee maximum efficiency, reliability and safety.

The patented ECOTROL® clamping seat system enables extremely easy maintenance of the globe control valve without special tools.

This means that functionally relevant trims can be changed quickly and cost-effectively by your own maintenance personnel.

ECOTROL® stands for holistically conceived technology with unique service and maintenance convenience, low operating costs and low life cycle costs.

High-performance valve actuator:

Our pneumatic multi-spring actuators, with robust construction and integrated explosion protection, are characterized by short actuating times, optimized actuating forces, and reliable tight sealing. ECOTROL® control valves are also available with electric or electrohydraulic actuators.


Multi-functional positioner :

The ARCAPRO® digital positioner is a multi-functional interface with integrated bus support for the controller or process control system.

Installation and mechanical connection to the valve actuator are compliant with VDI/VDE 3847 guidelines for open, non-proprietary concepts.


Reliable stem seals:

From the stuffing box to the hermetically-sealed bellows, this stem seal can be tailored exactly to the process fluid, pressure, and temperature required.

The design, stem surface, and packing material complement each other perfectly to avoid problems with friction, corrosion, and emissions.


Fixed-form housing seal:

Our design connects the valve housing and the bonnet in the force bypass, and the housing seal is clamped in place preventing it from “yielding”.


Robust, high-precision valve trims:

These are specially designed for the prevailing flow conditions in your plant.

The shapes of the throttle valves and valve seats and the material from which they are made are optimized to meet your requirements.

Our valve seats integrate the unique quick-exchange system and can be replaced without special tools.

The float-mounted clamping seat and the metal or soft seal for the valve seat ensure leak-tight, reliable sealing.


We innovate, you benefit!

  • Patented valve seat with PTFE soft seal and metal secondary seal:Absolute seat tightness, Defined preload, Long service life
  • Symmetrical seat rings made from a wide variety of materials:  Reproducible seat tightness due to self-centeringz, Low wear and tear minimizes cost of spare parts
  • PTFE V-ring packing with additional precision sealing element:  Safety and hermetic sealing, Low maintenance
  • Double-life quick-exchange system for seat rings and plugs:  Maintenance without special tools
  • Wide variety of valve trims optimised for all applications:  Maximum process flexibility with high control quality, Low noise emissions
  • Valve plug and stem can be replaced separately:  Reduced storage, Cost-effectice plug replacement
  • Flow-optimised valve housing:  High flow coefficients, low noise emission
  • Compact, robust design:  Minimum mounting space required, low weight


General Data

Series : 8C/6N/6H

DN : 15 – 100 / ½” – 4″

Face-to-Face dimension : PN16/40: EN558 Series 1

PN : 16-63

ANSI : Class 150 – 600

Temperature range : -196 °C to 650 °C



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